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CCTV Installation  in Crawley

Professional CCTV & Security Systems Supplied & Installed in Crawley

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Services We Offer

GA Technical LTD is a professional CCTV and security systems company. We offer a full CCTV and security systems service from the supplying of equipment to the installation of equipment. We have been working with businesses and homeowners in Crawley for over 15 years..

The systems we offer are.....

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Security Cameras Crawley

We are now installing a fantastic range of CCTV camera which also pick up body heat and will send a notification straight to your mobile phone when a person is detected.


  • 5 Megapixel Super HD

  • PIR Motion Sensor

  • Low Light Night Vision

  • 20 Meters Night Vision

  • False Alarm Filter

Crawley CCTV

CCTV & Security Systems for Business & Residential Properties in Crawley

We have been installing CCTV systems in and around Crawley for over 15 years.  We offer a prompt service and we also use the best tested CCTV equipment.

We use some excellent CCTV cameras and we make sure your new cameras are going to be suitable for your building.

We take everything into consideration including light levels, target distance, camera mounting suitability,  user experience, this means you will get a CCTV system that is fir for purpose and is going to last.

There is more to a CCTV installation that just throwing cameras up in the wall.

What Subservience Cameras are Best for your Home?

So you thinking about having surveillance cameras fitted at your home but your not quite sure what cameras to install.

Firstly, your reason for wanting CCTV will be a good guide for the camera and system to use.

Security cameras differ in specification and have different functions.

Lets say you need CCTV to protect a gate that is 50 meters away.

You would need to think about fitting a camera with an adjustable lens for 50 meters night vision. You can focus into an area further away with an adjustable lens.

Lets say you need CCTV to protect your tool shed in your garden and you want to receive notifications.

Modern security cameras now come with great analytics, which are great for motion detection and false alarm reduction. A camera with person detection functions would be suitable in this instance.

Use our CCTV Quote Builder to find out how much a security system will cost.

CCTV installation in Crawley

We hare great at providing and installing excellent CCTV systems for our customers.

Our main 2 priorities are customer service and using excellent CCTV equipment.

Get in touch for a free quote.

CCTV camera installation

CCTV on your phone 

All of our CCTV systems come with device connection as standard.

You can connect all of your devices including, phone, tablet, laptop and PC.

You can connect as many devices as you like.

Even better, There are no subscription costs to view and record your CCTV.

Night Vision CCTV

We take your security seriously so we make sure your new CCTV system is going to perform day and night.

We test all of our equipment before we install it in your home.

All of our CCTV systems are fit for purpose and will achieve the task which it was set out to do.

Night vision CCTV camera
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