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People Counting CCTV

People Counting System
People Counting System

In the current unprecedented climate, in order to enable social distancing, it's imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside. Many supermarkets, for instance, have a current maximum of 100 people let in at a time.

Our Density Control Solution automatically provides clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding.

People Counting Display Screen
People Counting Display Screen

How people counting cameras can help

People counting cameras can accurately monitor the number of people that enter and exit a building, this information can be used to determine the overall volume of visitors.

Having real time visitor volume information can be a great asset and can reduce overcrowding in a building.

Waiting to be seen in heath care facilities is very common and often leads to a large congregation of people in one small pace. people counting cameras can be used to monitor the patients waiting to been seen and this information can be used to reduce the number of walk in patients by sending out waiting time information. to an app or on a public database.

People counting CCTV systems can operate on a simple traffic light system that controls the numbers of visitors that enter a building or a compete people counting system would offer graphical information which controls multiple entry and exit points.

People Counting Camera
People Counting Camera

The Covid-19 virus ha certainly seen a change in how buildings are used, People counting cameras can be used to precisely match the number of staff during busy times to the need, improving service, and then reduce staff during quieter times to save on operating costs. In these and a number of other ways, counting people in-store helps retailers optimise their strategies and maximise conversion and revenues. However, the task of accurately counting people over an extended period of time is a difficult one, particularly as legacy camera technologies are not always up to the task.


Dual-lens people counting technology is based on the binocular stereo vision and performs people detection and tracking in 3D space, analyses the people moving track, and finally achieves precise counting data. The technology consists of the following three sub-technologies: binocular stereo vision, 3D people detection and tracking, and height filtering.


Binocular Stereo Vision is a technology that based on the observation of the same object from two different positions. We can generate the position offset in the two images to get the 3D geometric information of the environment and the objects. The parallax is the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. The parallax angle is the angle between the two observing positions. The parallax range is the distance angle between the two observing positions. For the Binocular Stereo Vision, the right lens and the left lens operation.

The dual-lens people counting technology is a self-developed technology that is mainly based on binocular stereo vision and aims at providing the people counting solution to the commercial industries. Compared to the traditional monocular people counting technology, the dual-lens people counting technology has the following advantages:


  • More accurate.

  • Easier configuration.

  • Better environment adaptability.

  • Better anti-interference ability, such as the interference s of cloth colour, hair style, shadow, trolleys, target loitering, etc.

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