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How to Setup Alarm Notification on a Hikvision DVR

Hikvision Alarm Notifications can be instantly pushed to your mobile device, then you can either play back what just happened or live view what is happening. This function provides a more effective way to secure your property and your family.

The alarms detected by a CCTV camera, or other devices can be sent to you automatically on the Hik Connect App by performing the following simple configuration. Note: Here we take the motion detection configuration of a DVR

The steps below will guide you through the setup of basic motion detection.

First you will need to log into your DVR and select configuration.

We will show you this process using local login through a web browser.

Step 1, Click on the configuration at the top of the page and then Event on the left of the page

How to setup Hikvision motion detection
Hikvision Configuration + Event

Step 2, Choose a camera that you want to apply motion the setting to from the camera drop down menu at the top of the page.

Step 3, You will see that your camera view is covered by red boxes, this means that the full area is selected for motion.

You will need to download the relative browser plugin if you cant see the camera, You can find a download prompt in the live view menu.

Hikvision motion detection settings guide
Hikvision Configuration + Event + Motion

Hikvision motion detection guide
Hikvision Configuration + Event + Motion

Step 4, Click the Clear All tab under the camera view, this will clear all squares from the camera view.

Step 5, Click on Draw Area, then use you mouse to drag over the area you want to have protected by motion detection.

Hikvision DVR motion Configuration
Hikvision Configuration + Motion + Draw Area

Step 6, Once you have drew the area that you want to be protected by motion detection, Click the Enable Motion Detection box above the camera view, then click on Save.

Step 7, Click on the Arming Schedule tab above the camera view. The alarm schedule is set to 24 hours a day by default, you can change the Arming Schedule times by moving the blue bars with your mouse.

Click Save once you have selected the Alarming Schedule times

Hikvision DVR motion detection setup guide
Hikvision Configuration + Arming Schedule

Step 8, Click on Linkage Method, The Notify Surveillance Centre box should be already ticked, if not, click in the box to apply a tick.

Make sure the correct camera is selected in the Trigger recording column.

Click on Save once the above steps are complete.

Hikvision DVR motion detection setup
Hikvision Configuration + Linkage Method

Your motion detection is now configured and ready for testing, You can use the Sensitivity slider bar below the camera view to make adjustments.

0 = Least sensitive.

100 = Most sensitive.

Setting up hikvision motion detection
Hikvision Configuration + Motion Detection

For Hik Connect mobile setup click HERE

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