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Burglar Alarms

Easy to use and Reliable Burglar Alarm Systems"

Burglar Alarm Keypad
About Us

We are a professional Burglar Alarm company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.  We have been providing our service to our valued customers for over 15 years. We cover all areas across Sussex. 

We only use professional alarm equipment and our prices are competitive.

Our Services

We are a professional security systems company who are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex

We offer full Burglar Alarm services including new installations, service visits, maintenance services, repairs and additions to existing burglar alarm systems.

We supply and install various burglar alarm systems specific to our customers requirements and security needs.

Protect your Home or Business with a Security Alarm

Security Alarms have been around for decades but are still a common feature in homes and business across the UK.  The changes of your property being burgled is massively reduced , simply having a visible alarm attached to your property. Burglars  often look for an easy target so purchasing and alarm may give you piece of mind.

Protect the outside of your home

Security alarms are a great way of protecting a building but did you know that they can also protect outside areas?

There are alarm devices that can be installed in gardens which will can send you a notification on your phone or even bring a light on when triggered. Alarm devices such as beam interruption devices or even external PIR's

Stop intruders before they even get into you home.

outdoor burglar alarm Eastbourne

Perimeter Protection

Home alarm systems are loaded with features and settings.


Did you know that you can arm your windows and doors when you are at home?

Shock sensors and door contacts are alarm devices used to monitor doors and windows. You can also have a perimeter set on your system which means you can walk freely around your home when your doors and windows are armed.

When someone wants to go out or someone wants to enter then all you have to do it disable your alarm by using the keypad, smart app or fob.

Perimeter protection is a simple to use and effective way of helping people feel secure in their home.

Wireless Burglar Alarm
Wireless Burglar alarms consist of a main control and wireless devices installed throughout a building. The control panel receives triggers from the devices.and detectors.


Wireless Burglar Alarms are a quick and effective way to protect your home or business. 

Wireless systems have come on a long way in recent years and now offer the same performance as a wired alarm system.

Having a wireless Burglar Alarm installed in your building prevents the need for unattractive wires.

You get 4 years battery life from wireless alarm detectors and devices, and the alarm key pad will let you know when the batteries are running low.

Wireless burglar alarm system
Wired Burglar Alarm

Wired alarms consist of a control panel and alarm devices fitted around the building, each device is wired back to the control panel of an expander.


Wired Burglar Alarms are a great option if you have existing wiring or the wires can be installed during development works.

Types of Intruder Alarm Devices

Alarm PIR

PIR Detector

PIR detector are installed to give coverage of areas such as rooms. The detector triggers when movement is detected.

Alarm door contact

Door Contact

Door contacts are fitted on doors and windows. A signal is sent to the control panel when the door or window is opened.

Alarm shock sensor

Shock Sensor

Shock sensors are fitted to doors and windows. they send a signal back to the control panel what force vibration is detected.

Alarm Break Glass protector

Break Glass Detector

Break glass detectors detect the sound frequency made from when glass is broken.

Alarm smoke detector

Soke/Heat Detector

Smoke and heat detectors send a signal back to the control panel when heat or smoke from a fire is detected.

Alarm Panic Button

Panic Button

Panic buttons are used to send a duress signal back to the control panel when pressed.

Wireless Alarm kit

Wireless Alarm

Includes installation

1 x Control panel

1 x keypad

1 x external bell box

1 x 12v battery

3 x PIR

1 x door contact

5 x fobs

wired Alarm kit

Wired Alarm

Includes installation

1 x Control panel

1 x keypad

1 x external bell box

1 x 12v battery

3 x PIR

1 x door contact

5 x fobs

Alarm kit with smartphone app

Wireless alarm Pro

Includes wifi module + Installation

1 x Control panel

1 x keypad

1 x external bell box

1 x 12v battery

3 x PIR

1 x door contact

5 x fobs

Monitor your Alarm from your Phone
You can now monitor your intruder alarm system from your mobile phone, The app is completely free and you are in control of monitoring your home. Never miss an alarm event with real time notifications, Forgot to set your alarm? not a problem, you can do this from your phone when you are away from home.
App Features
The app can be used from inside of the building or anywhere in the world
  • Set and unset 
  • Add remove users
  • Control smart device
  • Add  automation recopies
  • Receive alarm notifications
  • See movement in building
An internet connection is required for a smart com to operate on an intruder alarm system.
Burglar Alarm control from mobile phone

Ways to operate your Burglar Alarm

Your burglar alarm system can be controlled by either using a keypad or by using a smart app on your mobile phone.

The keypad gives you full control of your burglar alarm and you can use a code or key-fob to set and unset your alarm.

The smart app gives you full control of your alarm with the added benefit of being able to set and unset your burglar alarm from anywhere in the world. The smart app has lots of features and you can even operate your lights an other electrical devices manually of by a pre set schedule

Operating your burglar alarm Eastbourne
Hikvision Bullet Camera

Using CCTV to protect your Home

Have you ever thought about protecting your home with CCTV? 

CCTV cameras are a great way to protect your home both inside and outside. You can receive notifications within seconds if anyone enters a secure zone set from your CCTV system.

Modern CCTV also comes with great false alarm reduction.

See more about CCTV for you home

Hikvision Spotlight Camera
Burglar Alarm on a Smartphone

Control your Alarm system with the Smart App


Automate your home or business

The smart alarm is your portal into controlling your home or business. Automate and control lighting, power, video and home appliances. Create your own home automation ‘recipes’ to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room, or turn off an appliance when you are out of the building. Create dedicated ‘modes’ that control all aspects of your home or business automation, all at once.

Your home. Your data. Your rules

Your data is secure – and this  personal information. All your security settings and home automation controls are safely contained and stored within the security control panel itself – away from prying eyes. All notifications and communications are fully encrypted and secure. Exactly what you would expect from a company obsessed with your security.

Control your security

Our smart App allows you to control your security directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet device. Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world. 

The smart app uses technology to make your life easier. The app has been carefully designed to provide you quick access to a host of features, allowing you to tailor the app experience to your own personal and particular needs, without resorting to complicated programming.



Central to the smart App experience is the timeline. Events are clearly presented, giving you instant access to review events that have transpired and also to plan and modify predicted events or changes in system status.

This ‘at a glance’ timeline allows you to manage your connected security system how you want to. You may choose to manage by exception, and only be notified and interact when changes or events occur that differ from what you expect. 

Alternatively you may want to actively manage your property and make regular changes to the alarm and home automation functions. Whatever you choose, it is all made possible from a clear and unambiguous status screen.


Any device that is connected to the system can be used to create home automation effects. Devices can be a mix of security alarm components or home automation products. 

Devices are allocated to rooms within the smart App, which makes locating devices and creating home automation recipes from multiple devices easy and intuitive.


The calendar offers a detailed day-by-day record of the previous two weeks events, with one week of recorded video footage. By accessing the calendar, you can view past activity including device activations, home automation recipes and system mode changes.


Recorded camera footage can be viewed directly from the calendar as well as the option to view live camera footage.


Recipes are a user-friendly way of describing the programming actions that are used for automation. The smart app App is programmed on the basis of ‘cause and effect’. 

A range of recipes can be grouped into system modes, so certain recipes only take place depending on the mode of the system (in the example above, you might want to have the app message when someone is at your front door to occur in modes when you are away from the premises).

Is your Home Secure?


The best way to secure your home is to think like a burglar.


Burglars like an easy target, they like properties where they can get in and out fast and without being seen. If you were a burglar, how would you get into your property? Burglars will target a home late at night, or during the working day, this is because that most people will be at work during the day. It is therefore vital to ensure all doors and windows are securely locked, and that all gates are secured with quality locks and bolts.



A simple way to deter a burglary is to not allow your house to appear as a target. To achieve this, you want to limit the burglar’s certainty that they will receive a substantial reward for gaining entry and increase the risk they face when entering the building.

Keep expensive possessions out of sight, so criminals are unsure as to whether the risk they are taking is worthwhile. If a burglar can see computers, Bikes or an expensive car and house keys through the window, they know what they stand to gain, and what to prioritise should they be pressed for time. Hiding these objects means a burglar is less certain what they stand to gain, and unsure how to escape with the maximum possible profit.

  • A visible Burglar Alarm System actively deters burglars from approaching the building, for fear of triggering an alert.

  • A well-positioned CCTV system looking at entry and exit points can deter burglars, as evidence will be left behind.

  • Install PIR security lights to light up any dark areas, burglars less likely to hand around of a light is triggered.

  • Make it hard for strangers to know when you are away from home by using timer switches to bring on lights inside of your home.

Burglary Hotspots

Do you live in a burglary hotspot? Enter your postcode to see how your address compares to the rest of the UK.

Burglary can cause upset and anguish. Even if the financial losses are minimised by a home insurance claim, it's better to avoid being burgled at all by taking simple, practical steps boost levels of home security and consider fitting an alarm.

We've crunched through two million home insurance quotes run on our site over the past couple of years to find out which postcodes have the highest incidence of claims for burglary. Where does yours rank in our table?

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