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Professional IT Support & Installation Services

We offer compete IT support services to both domestic and commercial customers. Our services include,

  • Firewall Security

  • VLAN Configuration

  • Network Installation & Repair

  • Network Asset Documenting

  • WI-FI Installation

  • WI-FI Expansion & Configuration

  • IT Equipment Installation


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WIFI services in East Sussex

We specialise in IT network installation, security, configuration and repair. We offer our network services to both domestic and commercial sectors, from small repair jobs, to larger site infrastructure.

Professional IT Support Services

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we Provide small to large network and  WIFI systems for the domestic and commercial  properties.

Our systems are designed with security and user experience in mind.

Serving Sussex and the greater London area,  GA Technical LTD specialises in providing expert network cabling and computer networking for commercial and residential clients.


Our professional engineers work with you to deliver the the best solution for your communications needs and we provide complete, end-to-end service to ensure all your needs are met in a cost-effective manner.

If your business is relocating or expanding and requires assistance with your network infrastructure or system setup, look no further than us for support. 

We offer free site surveys to evaluate your needs and our team continuously to re-evaluates your system to make sure it is always running at top efficiency. You can count on the professionals at GA Technical LTD for all of your cabling and network wiring needs.  Put our experience to work for you.

Our Services Include

How Fast is your Internet?

How fast is your internet? Test your internet speed HERE

When testing your internet speed your results may differ depending on where you test it from. Testing your internet from your mobile phone may give you a different speed reading than when you test if from a PC. This is because of the location, Your internet comes from your router and you can either connect to it by WiFi or a direct connection using an Ethernet cable.

Typically you will get faster internet speeds if your are connected to a router by using an Ethernet lead like you would do with a PC, but mobile phones don't have such a connection so the only choice is connecting by WiFi.

When you connect to WiFi from your router, you will get faster speeds the closer you are to the router.  You will find that your internet speed will be reduced when you move away from the router.

Most homes have WiFi  dead-spots  which can be caused by distance being too far from the router or the structure of the home is reducing the WiFi range.

Some newer mobile phones and devices come with 5 GHz which be better at penetrating heavily structures homes and will typically give your more range.

There are some other factors that can reduce your internet speeds link poorly terminated cables and junction boxes or a poorly structured network.

Call us to see how we can help 01323400152

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IT Network Infrastructure Repair & Re Configuration

IT networks often become very messy over time, this can look unsightly but can also effect the operational effectiveness of the network and maintenance.

We tidy up network infrastructure. As part of our services, we dust, clean, label, make asset lists, use cable management, document network configuration and test network equipment.  We will make sure your IT network is secure and efficient.

We provide internet router services for remote areas or areas with no wired internet connection.

The 4G router uses data like a mobile phone would,  Typical data costs are around £20 per month for 80GB of data.

4G routers in remote areas allow for internet usage for general browsing and can also be used for CCTV and Security systems.

We can supply and install 4G routers on any site. If phone signals are low on a site, we can use high gain antennas to amplify the signal.

4G Internet Router Services

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Our WIFI services cover domestic and commercial customers and we offer an installation and repair service.

We supply and install routers and WiFi devices in buildings and external areas to help with internet coverage for personal or public use.

Our wifi systems are easy to use, secure and reliable.

We can re locate routers and tidy up and untidy wiring installations.

WIFI installation & repair

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