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fire alarm system in eastbourne, East Su

Fire Alarms

We are located in the heart of Eastbourne and we offer our fire alarm system services to both domestic and commercial customers, in and around Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Our fire alarm systems protect buildings including, HMO's. Flats, Houses, Retail space, Shops, Hospitals, Offices, Assisted living buildings and anywhere else, where there is a risk of fire.

Our services include, Fire system design, installation, commissioning, inspection, repair, maintenance, testing and certification.

fire alarm system Eastbourne

Fire Alarm System Installation in Eastbourne

We offer a variety of fire alarm systems which are specific to risk assessments and building requirements.

Fire alarm categories 

L1 provides for Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) to be installed into all areas of a building.

L2 provides Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) as defined in L3 as well as high risk or hazardous areas. Examples of this could be Kitchens, boiler rooms, sleeping risk, storerooms if not fire resistant or if smoke could affect escape routes.

L3 Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) with smoke detection should be installed on escape routes with detection in rooms opening onto escape routes.

L4 provides Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) within escape routes only.

L5 is installed in building with a specific risk that has been identified. An example of this would be if there was an area of high risk that requires detection the category would be L5/M.

We also offer the following systems

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Emergency lighting

  • Addressable fire alarms

  • Conventional fire alarms 

  • Fire detection CCTV

  • Smoke vents

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