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Electric Gates East Sussex

We install, service, repair and maintain electric gates in Eastbourne and across East Sussex. We offer full electric gate services from the electrical wiring to the intercom and control installation.

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Electric gate installation company in eastbourne
Electric Gates Eastbourne

Making Life Easier and a Property more Secure with Electric Gates

An automated electric gate makes your life more comfortable, easy and hassle-free.
Forget the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually, with one simple movement you can operate it from the comfort of your home or car.
Make a style choice, for you and your property. Electric gates also offer an additional layer of security.

Nice Gate control fob
Electric gate for disables access installed in Eastbourne.JPG

We were asked if we could supply and install a pedestrian electric gate for a customer that uses a mobility scooter.

The job included the installation of a wooden gate, an electric gate motor and a keypad. The customer also has remote control so that the gate can be operated from a distance.

The gate has a security lock that is electronically operated from the inside, when the gate opened and closed.

We also installed a keypad and this can be used to give access to gardeners or home helps with use of a pin number.

We offer all types of gates and automation controls that can be suitable for any environment. call us today, we cover Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

Pedestrian Gate for Disabled Access Installed in Eastbourne

installaer of Electric Gates in Eastbourne
installing electric gates in Eastbourne

Our Most Recent Electric Gate Repair Job in Eastbourne

We have just completed an electric gate repair job in Eastbourne. We were informed by the customer that the electric gate was not opening and closing properly, and the gate was also out of line. After a site survey, we put the following work schedule together. the work consisted of

Remove gate and re adjust brackets

Remove electric gats motor and install a new spline

 Weld a new spline collar onto gate bracket

Replace a faulty intercom keypad

After completing the  electric gate repair work,  we give a full handover to the customer.

Benefits of Having Electric Gates

Benefits of having electric gates. Electric gates are convenient and safe, as they can be opened and closed with the push of a button. They also offer an extra layer of security as they can be programmed to only open for authorized people. Additionally, they provide a modern, stylish look to any property. Electric gates are also energy efficient, as they can be opened and closed without having to use any manual force. They are also low maintenance, as they require minimal upkeep to keep them functioning properly. In addition, electric gates are cost-effective, as they typically have a long lifespan and can be used for many years without requiring replacement. Electric gates are also secure, as they can be programmed to only open when activated by a remote control or keypad. This allows homeowners to control who enters and exits the property. Electric gates also offer a variety of design options, allowing homeowners to choose a design that matches the look and feel of their home. Additionally, electric gates are aesthetically pleasing and can add value to a property.

We Repair Electric Gates

We repair electric gates in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. We carry out all electric gate repairs including, welding, painting,  replacing worn out parts, adjusting gate alignment, repairing intercoms, repairing posts and brackets and much more.

Give your electric gates a new lease of life, Call us to book a survey

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