CCTV Installation Brighton

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CCTV Installation Services Brighton

Professional CCTV installation designed for your home or business. Our expertise ensures you get the right CCTV system that is going to perform day and night.

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CCTV for your Home

Protect the boundaries of your home with our smart CCTV system.

Our smart cameras shine a bright light when a trespasser enters the protected zone. A notification will also be sent to your mobile phone or tablet within seconds.


Our smart cameras are ideal for areas outside of your home that you want to keep protected.

Services we provide

New installations




Fault finding


Site surveys

CCTV for your Home

Protect your home with a modern CCTV systems. 

CCTV for Business Premises

Protect your business assets with a CCTV system

Protecting Brighton with CCTV

We have been working the residents of Brighton for over 15 years. The experience we have gathered gives us the upper hand in making sure our customers get a CCTV system that is tried and tested along with a professional installation. All of our CCTV systems come with a 3 year warranty.

Protecting your Home with PIR CCTV


Our PIR CCTV system not only offers a great deterrent but also offers PIR detection.

The PIR CCTV camera is equipped with spotlight technology so when the camera detects PIR movement, the spotlight will let unwanted visitors know they have been seen.  These CCTV cameras are a great way to protect your property with notifications direct to your smartphone.

CCTV on Your Phone


CCTV systems have developed in such as way that you no longer need to visit your CCTV recorder to view your CCTV footage.

A simple to use CCTV systems is great for customers.

Our CCTV systems come with mobile phone viewing, This means that your CCTV recorder can be hidden away and everything can be done from your smartphone.

What can you do from your smartphone?

  • View live CCTV images

  • View CCTV recording

  • Receive and view alerts

  • Send recording via email/message

  • Add/remove users

What is great is that our CCTV comes with free app viewing so you never have to pay any subscriptions.

CCTV & Security Systems in East Sussex
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