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CCTV Brighton

CCTV Installation

Professional CCTV installation designed for your home or business. Our expertise ensures you get the right CCTV system that is going to perform day and night.

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Protect The boundaries of your Home

Protect the boundaries of your home with our smart CCTV system.

Our smart cameras shine a bright light when a trespasser enters the protected zone. A notification will also be sent to your mobile phone or tablet within seconds.


Our smart cameras are ideal for areas outside of your home that you want to keep protected.

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CCTV Installation Brighton

We supply and install CCTV systems and we have the perfect security camera to suit every building. 

We make sure your CCTV system is fit for purpose with super HD images and enhanced night vision.

Key Considerations for Securing Your Home

Home security in Brighton is an important topic to address because burglaries happen on a regular basis due to neglect from homeowners and renters. To prevent break-ins, people have to become familiar with ways on protecting their homes and be aware of the tips on how to deal and report a crime to the police if they get in such a situation. In this guide, we will extensively cover different tips on preventing property crime. By controlling access, providing visibility, and maintaining your property, you are not only protecting your belongings and home, but also yourself and your family.

Unfortunately, burglaries are not the only things that pose danger to a home. Properties are also subject to fires. More often than not, they are caused by cooking or plain neglect and lack of responsibility. Taking active measures to keep your home safe from fires is important, as is having emergency contact(s) available in the event something unfortunate occurs.

Are my doors locked (and double locked if posssible) at the main entrance?

Are my other doors locked from access?

Are my windows shut all the way?

Is my property well-lit at night?

Can I see any of my valuables from outside on the street?

Are there areas in my neighborhood that could offer cover or leverage for a criminal to break in easily?

Does my routine at home make it easy for a thief to know when is the best time to try and enter?

What are some things I can do to prevent burglaries?

Thieves are always looking out for themselves, so it is crucial to do the same and be ruthless in protecting your own home, self, and family from any dangerous or unwanted situation. By staying aware and actively playing on the safe side, you will shoo off the bad guys. Here are some measures you can take to prevent burglaries

Always complete a background check & ask for references on new contractors.

After workers leave, be sure to go through your valuables and make sure everything is still there.

Get a dog.

Dogs will often bark when they sense unfamiliar people coming to your doorstep, warding off potential criminals.

Be smart about who you let into your home.

Sometimes, even your gardener or maid might have ulterior motives and can't be trusted. With that said, it's crucial to keep a close eye on people you hire to work in your home, and keep your valuables secured somewhere out of reach. Keep in mind that anytime you let someone into your home, you are essentially giving them an opportunity to steal, scope out your valuables, and/or make plans to come back at another time to take your belongings that they've been eyeing

Get to know your neighbors.

A great way to ward off unwanted visitors and potential burglars is to get friendly with your neighbours so that everyone can help each other out. This is especially helpful when/if you go on vacation for an extended period of time and need someone to help you keep a closer eye. Burglars are a lot less likely to go through with their criminal activity if they think they might be watched.

Install a home security/alarm system.

A home security camera will be a great thing to have because it will essentially keep tabs on people, and help you keep an eye on unwanted visitors and behavior. If getting a dog is not practicle for you, then installing an alarm system is a must.

Make sure your doors and windows are locked.

This step is the easiest way to keep burglars and unwanted visitors out of your home. Easy access will invite bad news and people.

Don't accept unsolicited help.

Unless you call someone to come over and perform a service, don't let them in. Many thieves are con artists who put on a front, making themselves look like a plumber, painter, tree trimmer, etc. They will often come with one other person. One may lure you outside to talk about the service they are "offering", while the other may run into your house to go through your belongings while you are kept distracted and busy.

Install lights outside your doorstep area so that your home is well-lit at night.

Thieves will frequent dark areas because it's harder for them to run away and not get caught if there is plenty of light. With that said, having light around your home at night will keep your area well-lit and more likely clear of criminals.

Be careful with what you throw in the trash.

Some criminals will go through your trash to see what you've left behind. For example, if you recently bought an expensive TV and are throwing out the packaging, a criminal who sees that might use that as a clue and incentive to come back and find a way to get the TV. If you're trying to get rid of trash from any significant purchases, make sure to cut up the packaging and make it as inconspicuous as possible.

Keep your home well-kept.

By trimming your bushes and eliminating potential "hiding spots", thieves are a lot less likely to show up and try to steal from your home. Keeping your place well-kept also signifies that the home is lived in and that you're not away on vacation for an extended period of time.

Keeping it Local

GA Technical LTD  is based in Eastbourne  and we like to stay local on the south east coast  We believe that if we stay local, we can provide a better service for our customers. We supply and install security cameras and Burglar alarms so we know just how important these security systems are to our customers.