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Attract Customers to your Restaurant

Have you walked into your restaurant and thought about the customers prospective?

Below we will look at a why customers visit a restaurant and more importantly revisit.

Customers shop with their eyes and a first impression leaves a massive impact. Attracting customers into your restaurant is the first main goal. Missed opportunities with passing trade or local trade is a common mistake but can be easy fixed.

Passing Trade:

Passing trade is great for business if the right message is being sent out and at the right time. Passing trade can operate like clockwork with potential customers. Think about sending out the right message , mornings can be busy with commuters and construction workers, this is the type of customer that likes a coffee and a fast breakfast snack. Breakfast meal deals are ideal for this situation and a fast service is very important as the memory or a long wait may lay in the mind of what could have been a returning customer.

Think about what opportunities you have with passing trade through the day. For example, 7-9 commuter breakfast, 9-11 parents and locals coffee, 11-2 Lunch, These opportunities seem obvious and they are, but you need to get the message out there, and let everyone know exactly what you are offering.

Local Trade

Local trade is customers that you want to attract within an area local to your restaurant. Local residents are great for business and can show real loyalty if they enjoy their experience. Local customers are great for passing recommendations to their friends and family as this can really increase numbers visiting your restaurant. If you have a niche, shout about it, let everyone in the community know.

Digital Display Screens are great at sending out a message at scheduled times throughout the day, they also look professional which gives a great impression to the potential customers.

Why do Customers re visit a Restaurant?

  • They like to food

  • They like the atmosphere

  • They feel comfortable

  • They feel safe

  • Because the hygiene is good

  • Wifi and charging points

Good food attracts customers and that goes without saying but it that is all you offer, you may be in trouble.

Atmosphere is an important factor to secure returning customers, Things like music systems, TV screens can really make the atmosphere more enjoyable and pleasant if the right music and media is played at the right time. An example would be some uplifting music and media in the morning and then something more relaying towards the end of the day.

Customers like to be comfortable, This not only relates to being physicality comfortable but actually feeling comfortable with the surroundings. Think about furniture that is going to be suitable for all walks of life and surroundings that relate to the seasonal changes. This could be achieved by mood lighting which would be cheaper that redesigning your restaurant every seasonal change.

Security is very important for staff and also to help the customers feel safe. If a customer feels safe, then they are more likely to feel comfortable. Security systems are a great way to enhance security. Security Systems can deter criminal activity coming into the restaurant for example, CCTV systems can deter pick pockets.

Hygiene is very important and customers will judge the quality of the food by the hygienic presence of the restaurant, Even a shop front that looks untidy or dirty can drive customers away. Hygiene is key so think about having an easy clean system like hygienic wall cladding, This will make cleaning easier and faster.

WiFi is everywhere but is it at your restaurant? having WiFi and charging points could help bring customers back to your restaurant. A customer may choose your restaurant because you have got good WiFi and somewhere to charge their phone or laptop and at the same time, they will be purchasing your products. It could be the difference between the customer choosing you or going to the restaurant net door.

Ways to Attract Customers.

Be sure to get a google my business listing and keep it updated with nice images of the products you offer. Be sure to put your current address on there as well as up to date contact numbers.

Use social media sites such as facebook, twitter and pintrest. Post pictures of your restaurant and tell customers why you are so great. The more you post, the more your business will stand out.

Keep your shop front advertising clean and professional. Target potential customers at different times throughout the day. Digital Display Screens are great for snap offers and general advertising with a professional look.

Stand outside of your restaurant and ask yourself, does this place look clean and inviting?!

Remember, happy customers, generate business.

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