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Digital Display Screens

Digital display screens are a fast and effective way of advertising your business and products.

Menus and store information can be added or changed instantly from a PC .

We offer a supply and installation service and we also offer a media service where we can make eye catching graphics and menus for the display screen,

The display can contain multiple pages that rotate through on a selected time basis.

Displays can also rotate on a weekly schedule so that different media can be displayed on specific days of the week.

Digital Display Screen
Digital Display Screen

What is included
  • A Ultra high definition screen (size specific to customer requirements).

  • A Mini PC

  • A Display screen mounting system

  • A Network connection service

How it works
  • We be supply and install all of the equipment in a location specified by the customer.

  • We will set up the equipment and give training to the customer.

  • We will then design the medial as per the customers requirements.

  • Any changes can be made by sending us a message or calling us.

The customer can also design and make changes to the display screen from the comfort of their own PC.

How your Business Can Benefit from a Digital Display Screen.

Digital display screens give a professional look to a business and feed valuable information direct to customers. Display screens installed in windows or an area in sight of passing public is a great way to bring in customers as snap deals or new product information can instantly be displayed at the click of the button.

Fast food restaurants can use digital screens to display their daily deals or new food products which i great for passing trade.

Retail stores can display their new products or even important information such as social distancing reminders.

Digital display screens are all about getting a clear message out to customers with a creative and professional look. The options are endless in terms of what can be displayed.

Our Digital Display screen installation service typically takes 4 hours and can be done out of house to avoid business interruption. once the installation is complete, The display screen will be ready use.

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