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Setting the Right Atmosphere at Drusillas Park with Aztec Sounds

We have just completed our 2nd sound system installation at Drusillas Pak in East Sussex. The aim was to supply and install a sound system to be located in an animal walkthrough area.

The main goal was to enhance the visitor experience by playing Aztec sounds which will give an additional dimension to the area.


We focused on a system that would deliver rich sounds at varying levels and would. We also wanted the sound system to offer a uniformed sound levels throughout the area.

New sound system at Drusillas Park East Sussex
New sound system at drusillas park East Sussex
Creating the Atmosphere with Sounds

Creating an atmosphere is key to any sound system installation and we are all aware that sounds and "atmosphere" go together. We might put on relaxing music for a quiet dinner, but listen to something livelier while doing some physical work in the gym, or when out with friends in larger groups

Music tends to have a steady tempo to it, often measured in "BPM. A simple observation is that most music is in the range of 50-200 BPM, the same as the extreme range of our heartbeats. In general too, the tempo of a piece of music roughly equates with the heartbeat associated with the corresponding physical state or emotion which the music suggests.

Anything in the range 60-80 beats per minute can be classed as calm and relaxing, less than 60 is often very relaxing, introspective or even depressed. 80-100 is moderately alert and interested. 100 upwards is increasingly lively, excited or agitated and, since we crave some degree of excitement from our entertainment, 80-120 is quite a common tempo, and even 120-160 is common in some energetic situations. We're not saying that there is an absolute correspondence between heartbeat and music tempo, but there is a strong degree of suggestion between the two. Music moves in time and suggests movement, and we tend to associate music unconsciously with movements made by our bodies while talking, walking, running, dancing, riding,

Installing a sound system in a public place takes lots on consideration, we need to make sure the music or sounds set the scene for the particular area, we need to make sure the sound levels don't take anything away from other visitor interactions and we need to make sure the sound system is suitable for the area which it is installed in.

Speaker types are chosen to suit a particular area and installation type. Speaker direction is also very important to help with the effects caused by building material deflection and dampening.

Speaker at Drusillas Park East Sussex
Speaker at Drusillas Park East Sussex

Interested in having an sound system installed? We install sound systems in both commercial and domestic locations.

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