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Shop, Pub and Restaurant Services

Transform the Look and Productivity of your Business

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Hygienic Wall Cladding
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Does your Shop, Pub or Restaurant Give a good First Impression?

We provide a one stop service for the development of retail and hospitality space.  Retail and hospitality space can often look tired and the current systems can make the running of the business slow and ineffective. Our combined services are cheaper and easier to manage.

We provide the equipment along with the installation and we can complete the work on a scheduled basis to meet with operational time frames and to fit in with budgets.

We offer the following systems and services

  • Telephone Systems

  • Network and WiFi

  • Lighting Control

  • Sound Systems

  • Digital Signage

  • Girded Ceilings

  • Hygienic Wall Cladding

  • CCTV & Security

  • Flooring

Our services are ideal for small to medium business including, shops, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, bars and wholesale buildings.

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we cover, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.

Telephone systems for pubs, Shope and re

Telephone Systems for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.

Telephone systems are a fundamental part of any business and having an effective system can help with customer communications.


We offer internet phones (VOIP) which are cheaper to make calls than traditional telephones. They also offer great usability functions.


Network and WiFi for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

Network infrastructure and WiFi are a key part of a business. A professionally installed system can make the running of a business more fluent as well as enhancing security.

A good WiFi system is great for customer experience.

We offer, Wifi systems, network infrastructure, computers,  data points, storage and UPS systems.

Internet and Wifi for Shops, Pubs and Re

Lighting Control for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

Lighting control is great for energy efficiency and can also enhance the look of a building as well as elevating the experience for customers.

Our lighting control systems include display lighting, mood lighting, emergency lighting, façade lighting, energy efficient lighting and automatic lighting.

Sound Systems for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

Sound systems are great for customer experience and can also be used to address the public with useful information or emergency information.

We offer multi zone sound systems that will look stylish in any building.

Sound System for shops, pubs and restaur
Takeaway Display Screen

Digital Signage for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

Digital signs offer an easy to use and an effective way of letting customers know exactly what is on offer as well as giving a professional look to your business.

We offer digital signage solutions with software for the end user to make creative digital displays.

Girded  Ceilings for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

A new grid ceiling  will not only give your business a fresh look but will also help with hygiene if the correct tiles are used.


We offer a refresh service for grid ceilings offering multiple use panels and colours.

Grid Ceilings for pubs and shops
Hygienic Wall Clading for shops, pubs an

Hygienic Wall Cladding for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

Hygienic Wall Cladding is a great investment, it is long lasting, enhances the workspace and is easy to clean.

We offer Hygienic Wall Cladding that comes is many different finished and colours.

CCTV and Security for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

CCTV and security systems are a fundamental part of any business and play a key role in protecting staff, assets and customers.

We offer CCTV,  Burglar Alarms, Intercoms, Access Control and Security Lighting.

CCTV and SEcurity for shops, pubs and re
flooring for restaurants

Flooring for Shops, Pubs and Restaurants.​

A good flooring system offers a professional look and will help with hygiene.

We offer all types of flooring systems from manufactures such as Altra and Karndean

Customers shop and make first impressions with their eyes, so having a presentable look to your takeaway business will increase sales. Even customers that make orders over the phone will choose where they order from by the look of the store.  A Clean and professional looking takeaway store will give the impression that the food is good and prepared hygienically.

Does your Takeaway Restaurant Attract Customers?

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