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CCTV Systems for Livery Yards

Protect your Horses, Stables and Equipment with a CCTV System

Livery Yard CCTV System
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Keep eyes on your horses, stables and equipment with a CCTV system that sends intruder alerts

Keeping Eyes on your Horses and Equipment with CCTV Cameras

Our CCTV, Security Systems are designed to protect livery yards 24/7 and will always keep you notified should there be an intruder or trespasser on the premises.

Our CCTV systems come with person and vehicle detection and can also sound a voice or siren alarm if motion in protected areas is detected.

The first line of defence with protecting livery yards  are visible deterrents, we have taken this into account and we have CCTV cameras with warning lights which are a great for letting unwanted visitors know they are being recorded and the yard takes security seriously.

CCTV Protectiong Horses

How Motion Detection Works at Livery Yards

CCTV with motion detection is a great asset to have and can quickly alert a user if a trespasser has entered any of the stables, buildings or any protected area within the livery yard.

Motion detection is set up during the CCTV installation and can be changed by a user at any time. The user can select areas that they want to be protected.

If a trespasser enters a protected area, a notification will be sent to horse owners or liveries.

Multiple users can be can receive alarm notifications on their smartphone.

We can Install Supply Internet to your Livery Yard

Internet connection at livery yards is not common, this is an issue as CCTV systems use internet to send alerts, and for the user to see their CCTV live view. 

We provide 4G routers that give a secure internet connection in livery yards, these operate off a sim card. Sim data will cost around £10 per month from a local service provider. 

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We use wired CCTV systems as these a more reliable. The CCTV system has a DVR (digital video recorder) this is the machine that holds the hard-drive and processes the alarms.

The CCTV cameras are wired back to the DVR.

The DVR can be installed somewhere that is out of sight and we can also provide lockable DVR enclosures for its protection.

We install the CCTV cameras at possible points of entry or any areas requested by the customer.

How we Install CCTV in Livery Yards


How long will the CCTV installation take?

A typical CCTV installation will take 1 working day for 4 cameras and 2 working days for 8 cameras, This can vary depending on the complexity of the wiring routes.


Do the CCTV cameras have night vision?

Night vision on a CCTV cameras is pretty standard unless it is a box type camera that is designed to be installed into a CCTV housing. There are 2 types of night vision, 1, infra red, this is where the cameras go into monochrome mode at night and look black and white. There is also a new type of CCTV camera that uses a very small light to give colour images at night.


How long does the CCTV record for?

CCTV systems often record for 15-30 days but this can be changed for insurance reasons or if the building is going to be unoccupied for longer than 30 days. A bigger hard drive can be added to the CCTV recorder which will make the system record for longer. The CCTV can be set to record 24/7 or when motion is detected. Motion detection recording will increase the recording duration.


Can the CCTV be viewed on a phone?

All modern CCTV systems now come with the facility for smartphone connection, This means you can view live video, view recorded video, receive notifications and add users.



Does the CCTV system need internet?

CCTV systems do not need an internet connection to record as this is done within the recorder. There will only need to be an internet connection if the CCTV is to be viewed on an smartphone from outside of the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our CCTV systems come with free app viewing as standard. The app has some great features which include,

remote live viewing 

view your CCTV cameras live from anywhere in the world.

Remote playback 

View past events from your smartphone.

Receive notifications

Receive real-time alarm notifications within seconds of a motion detection alarm.

Add/remove users

Add as many users as you wish to view your CCTV system and to revive alerts. Users can also be removed.

CCTV to protect horses.png

Horse owners are urged to be on their guard, after the cost of equine crime has increased by almost 50% in a year.

The cost of equine related thefts have risen by 45% since 2019 



The number of thefts is up 16%. Trailers and horsebox thefts accounted for 69% of all equine theft claims, and horse tack and equipment for 19%.

The north-east and south-east were the worst affected areas in the recent crime survey.

“In 2019 thieves mainly focused their attention on horse and livestock trailers and electric fencing equipment, However, in the past year, theft of tack and equipment has risen dramatically, overtaking electric fencing equipment.

Farms and livery yards are a favourite hunting ground for thieves because they are often unattended at night.

With many horse owners and farmers continuing to feel the financial pinch, the theft of essential items such as tack, fencing, trailers and feed is a further blow to their pockets, particularly if the items are uninsured,

Owners are urged to be vigilant and protect their belongings.

The onus is on horse owners to act, to prevent as much as possible by marking equipment,  having security measures in place, but also to report it to the police if things are stolen,

The Rise of Rural Crime which also Effects Horse Owners

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