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8 ways to protect your home from burglars

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Burglars will target your home if they think there is something inside worth stealing. Below are 8 ways that will help to protect your home.

1. Do not discuss luxury items. Burglars will target your home if the think there is something inside worth stealing. Do not tell anyone that you keep luxury items at home. These items could include, Watches, Jewellery, Bags, etc. Basically any small item that is expensive will be a good payday for a burglar so keep it to yourself.

2. Expensive new cars. If you have an expensive new car, try to park it out of site like a garage, or it this is not possible, think about installing security bollards to make life hard for burglars. An expensive new car can be a target for organised crime gangs and they could try to gain access to your home to find the keys but securing the car will put them off.

3. Install PIR security lights. Burglars do not like to be seen so installing security lights is going to make burglars think twice.

4. Install a CCTV system. Burglars will tend to target homes without a viable deterrent. Having CCTV cameras will certainly put burglars off as modern systems will not only capture vital evidence but could also alert the homeowner.

5. Install a burglar alarm. Burglar alarms are a great deterrent. Burglars like to operate quietly so the thought of a burglar alarm going off is going to put them off their tracks. Even a external dummy bell box is going to be helpful.

6. Secure doors and windows. Burglars will tend to target the weakest part of your home to gain entry. Having strong doors and windows with quality locks will certainly make life difficult for anyone trying to get into your home.

7. Be careful who you let in. Only let people you trust into you home. If you are having any work done, make sure the workers are from a reputable company. Letting untrusted people into your home could lead to a burglary further down the line.

8. Close blinds and curtains at night. Closing blinds and curtains at night will let the burglar know your home is occupied. Closed blinds and curtains will also stop the burglars from seeing what is inside.

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