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Smart Burglar Alarm

Need a Burglar Alarm System? Call us today, we will be happy to help. We are based in Eastbourne , East Sussex and we provided our services across the whole of Sussex.

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Guess what?

Our smart alarm is completely wireless so this means a clean and wire free installation. The batteries last for 4 years and they are really easy to change. Whats better is the system will let you know when the batteries need to be changed.


Worried about your Burglar Alarm going off and disturbing your neighbours?

Don't worry, our smart alarm comes with a smart app which means that you can silence the sounder within seconds. If your alarm does go off by accident, you will be notified right away on your smart device and you can see exactly which detectors have triggered.

You can even have an external bell installed so it still acts as a deterrent but it can be programmed to be silent when the alarm is triggered. You can still get notifications if there is an intruder and also the internal bell can can sound. This is a great option for anyone worried about disturbing their neighbours.

What does the smart alarm app do?

The smart alarm app gives you full control of your burglar alarm , even when your not at home, you can set and unset the alarm, you will be send notifications if the alarm has gone off and you can even switch smart devices on and off, all this and more from your smart phone.

Is the smart alarm easy to use?

Yes the smart alarm is easy to use which makes it very customer friendly. There is no complicated settings, our smart alarm really does make security easy.

Lets have a look at some devices

The Keypad

Smart burglar alarm keypad
Smart Alarm Keypad

The Keypad is bright, had clear buttons and is east to use with clear button instructions. The keypad is the main information point of the burglar alarm and will let you know the status of your alarm. You can sen and unset your alarm from the keypad by using a code or a fob.

The Smartcom

Smart burglar alarm smartphone connection module
The Smartcom

The Samrtcom is the device that lets your smart phone connect to your burglar alarm by either wifi or an Ethernet connection. You can be in control of your alarm from anywhere in the world with the smartcom installed.


Smart alarm PIR detector

The PIR is functional with a sleek design which is typically installed in the corner of a room and offers full movement protection. The PIR comes in different model to suit the room type.

The Door Contact

Smart Alarm burglar alarm door contact
The Door Contact

The door contact is ultra small and is barely noticeable when fitted to a door or window. it comes in white grey and brown so will look at home on all doors and windows. The contact is use to detect doors and windows opening.

The Shock Sensor

Burglar Alarm Shock Sensor
The Shock Sensor

The shock sensor is ultra small and comes in 3 colours which are white, grey and brown. The shock sensor is designed to be installed on doors windows and anywhere where a burglar would try to force entry. This device is great as it triggers the alarm before a burglar even gets into the property.

The Outdoor Detector

Burglar Alarm outdoor detector
The Outdoor Detector

The outdoor detector links to the smart burglar alarm and is great for areas such as gardens. The outdoor detector can be programmed in multiple ways which include sending a notification, bringing a light on, sounding the alarm or playing an recorded voice alert to name a few. its totally up to the customer.

The External Bell

Burglar Alarm External Bell Box
The External Bell

The external bell look great and has an optional back light so it sure will stand out. The bell has the standard blue LED's and has optional sound levels and cut off times.

The Smoke and heat detector

Burglar Alarm Smoke and Heat Detector
The Smoke and Heat Detector

The smoke and heat detector links to the smart alarm and will monitor your property 24/7. If the detector senses smoke or heat, it will sound the alarm and send a notification to a chosen smart phone. A great addition for fire protection.

The Panic Alarm

Burglar Alarm Panic Alarm
The Panic Alarm

The panic alarm can be installed anywhere in the property and when pressed can either sound the alarms acts as a silent alarm that can send a warning notification to a chosen family member or friend.

Our smart burglar alarms start from £399 including installation. After a site survey, we will design a smart burglar alarm system for your home or business. We will then install the system and set it up to your request.

Included with our smart alarm installation is training and a 2 year warranty on equipment and installation works.
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