Popular CCTV Questions Answered

Here are some Q&A from our most asked customer questions.

How long will the CCTV installation take? A typical CCTV installation will take 1 working day for 4 cameras and 2 working days for 8 cameras, This can vary depending on the complexity of the wiring routes.

Do the CCTV cameras have night vision? Night vision on a CCTV cameras is pretty standard unless it is a box type camera that is designed to be installed into a CCTV housing. There are 2 types of night vision, 1, infra red, this is where the cameras go into monochrome mode at night and look black and white. There is also a new type of CCTV camera that uses a very small light to give colour images at night.

How long does the CCTV record for? CCTV systems often record for 15-30 days but this can be changed for insurance reasons or if the building is going to be unoccupied for longer than 30 days. A bigger hard drive can be added to the CCTV recorder which will make the system record for longer. The CCTV can be set to record 24/7 or when motion is detected. Motion detection recording will increase the recording duration.

Can the CCTV be viewed on a phone? All modern CCTV systems now come with the facility for smartphone connection, This means you can view live video, view recorded video, receive notifications and add users.

Does the CCTV system need internet? CCTV systems do not need an internet connection to record as this is done within the recorder. There will only need to be an internet connection if the CCTV is to be viewed on an smartphone from outside of the home.

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