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How to protect your home with CCTV

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Here are some tips below on how to protect your home with CCTV

Having a CCTV system installed is a great way to protect your home because it will help deter unwanted visitors as well as capturing vital evidence should an unlawful event happen.

How long should your CCTV system record for? Generally a CCTV system records for 30 days but you should have your CCTV record for longer is you are going to be away from home for more than 30 days.

Where should the CCTV cameras be positioned? Ideally CCTV cameras should installed at a height where they cant be tampered with but also not too high as a birds eye view is not great for evidence. Installing CCTV cameras on the soffits of a standard size house is a great location.

What area should be covered by the CCTV cameras? You need to think like a criminal when choosing what areas your CCTV cameras should cover. Criminals like to operate in areas that are out of sight from neighbours and the public. CCTV cameras should cover areas such entry/exit points, front door, back garden, driveway and side alleys.

What cameras work well as a deterrent? PIR CCTV cameras are a great deterrent. They have a built in motion sensor and a spotlight that will either blink or come on solid when motion is detected.

What camera resolution is best? CCTV camera resolution really depends on the detail over distance that you want to cover. 2 megapixel is a standard resolution. 5 megapixel resolution is a step up and offers more image definition. Camera lens size is also an important factor when installing CCTV. A good CCTV company will look at the area that needs to be covered and then choose a suitable lens size and camera resolution.

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