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Security Systems for your Home

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Have you ever thought about getting a security system for your home?

There are lots of security systems on the market so choosing one that is going to be suitable for your home can sometimes be a difficult task.

Below we will look at the following systems


CCTV systems are a great all rounder for home security, not only do the deter criminal activity but they also record activity, which can be used as evidence. CCTV camera technology has come on a long way over the last decade and now offers some great features such as motion detection which is now more reliable, and false alarms can be reduced by using detection analytics.

It's important to choose a CCTV system that is going to be suitable for your home. First you need to make sure the system is going to offer the protection you require. You will need to take some things into consideration, like the distance the cameras need to cover, the type of night vision, camera features and recording time. Secondly, you will need to think about the CCTV installation. A good CCTV installation is a very important factor when it comes to the reliability of the system. A poor installation can decrease the longevity of the system and could even limit the systems effectiveness.

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Our advice is to get a CCTV system that is suitable for your home and make sure it is installed professionally.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarm systems have been around for decades and are the most common electronic security measure in our homes. They offer a visual deterrent but also keep criminals guessing weather the alarm is monitored or not. There are 2 categories of burglar alarm systems, one is monitored and the other is bells only. A monitored system will send a signal to a key holder or monitoring station upon a confirmed alarm.

Monitored alarms are great for piece of mind but they come with a yearly service and maintenance cost. Modern technology now means that you can monitor your alarm system yourself from a smartphone app, with real time notifications and alarms, this is good idea if your on a budget.

Wireless burglar alarm technology is also a great option if you want a quick and wire free installation. Professional alarm systems offer secure and reliable wireless technology.

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Intercom systems are a great first line of defence for your front gate or door. They offer 2 way audio and video. Intercom systems now offer smart features which effectively act like a smart doorbell but give you the added benefit of having internally mounted video screens.

The features you typically find with an intercom system are, 2 way audio, live video , remote, gate/door unlocking, Video recording, app notifications and having the flexibility of adding additional video and audio screens or handsets.

Who are intercom systems suitable for? Intercom systems are particularly suitable for elderly, vulnerable, people with large homes or drives and anyone that is worried about someone approaching their property.

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Get in touch if you need some advice r a quote for a security system



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