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GA Technical Ltd offers smart intercom systems to local residents in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

GA Technical Ltd: Our customers in Eastbourne certainly love our new range of smart intercom systems and they have said that they feel more secure in their homes as well as enjoying added automation and practicality of the systems.

Who would benefit from a mart intercom system?

Smart intercom systems will find a place in anyone's home and will offer added security from the get go.

The main features of the system let the user know who is at the door by means of a clear video screen with 2 way audio.

The system is great for anyone who wants to feel more safe in their home. for example, an elderly of venerable person would be able to have a conversation with someone at their door from the security of their home.

What features does the Smart Intercom System have?

  • 1 way clear video

  • 2 way clear audio

  • Door unlocking feature (optional)

  • Card reader unlock (optional)

  • Motion detection

  • Video and audio recording

  • Stylish design

  • 3 year warranty

  • 7 inch touch screen

  • Smart app connection

  • App sharing with family and friends

The intercom system is IP based and can be integrated to an existing CCTV system

Smart intercom systems are great the the elderly and vulnerable

We recently installed a smart intercom for a customer in Eastbourne. The customer asked if we could install the system at their fathers home, who was suffering from dementia,

The customer wanted to monitor who was calling at their fathers home. they were able to do this as we added their mobile pone to the system which meant they would receive a notification when someone rang the bell and then they would be able to have a conversation with the visitor.

The customer also asked for an electronic door lock so they could let their fathers carer in as well as family and friend visitors. The door unlock feature is done by simply pressing the door open button on the mobile phone screen when they have observed who is at the door.

Is the Smart Intercom System for homes only?

The smart intercom system can be installed in residential and commercial buildings. The system can be as small as one front station and one internal screen or it can be scaled to a large commercial system in a block of flats or an office building.

What accessories does the Smart Intercom system have?

The system comes as standard with a front station, which houses the video and audio unit, and a 7 inch touch screen which can be located anywhere within the building.

Additional accessories can be added to the system such as keypads, card readers, electric locks, fingerprint readers and facial recognition devices, the additional accessories allow for automation control for electric gates, doors, pedestrian gates, garage doors and home control systems.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out how much it will cost to have a Smart Intercom System installed.


GA Technical Ltd

CCTV & Security Systems


East Sussex

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