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Choosing the Correct CCTV System

Updated: May 4, 2020

Points to consider when purchasing CCTV

CCTV systems are used for lots of reasons from general view to number plate recognition.

You really need to know what you require from your CCTV system before you purchase and install it.

Points to consider....

Lens size. When choosing a lens size, you first need to know the area that you want to cover. If you just want a general view of the area, you would be looking to get a camera with a lens starting from 2.3mm. If you need to look at an area or object further away, it would be advisable to get a CCTV camera with a varifocal lens, This type of CCTV camera has a lens from 2.3mm to 12mm. You will then be able to focus the lens to see areas further away. There are also varifocal CCTV cameras with wider range lenses.

Resolution. Most common CCTV systems have a resolution ranging from 2MP to 8MP. to decide what resolution you require, you first need to know the area and distance you want to cover. If you want a wide angle covering a very small area like a driveway then you would be fine installing a 2MP CCTV camera. For a medium wide area, a 5MP would be the camera to use, and an 8MP for a larger area. The drawbacks of putting a 8MP camera in a very small area is that that an 8MP camera takes up more space on the hard drive, so you would either have reduced recording time or would have to purchase a larger hard drive. Higher resolution cameras are also more expensive so choose the correct camera to save money.

Motion detection. Does your CCTV system detect motion? There are different applications for motion detection. There are IP CCTV camera which process analytics within the camera itself. There are CCTV systems where the analytics processing is done within the DVR recorder. there are cameras with built in PIR movement or thermal heat detection and there are also detection devices that you can add to your CCTV system, which will send a signal back to the recorder when movement is detected. All of the above applications are how CCTV systems detect movement. The most basic and unreliable motion detection is found of cheaper basic systems and this is where the system looks for a colour change over the live video image. Shadows, weather, lights from passing vehicles and light level changes can often cause false alarms.

A professional CCTV installer will know exactly which CCTV system to use.

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