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CCTV for your Home

Updated: May 20, 2020

We are Now Installing PIR CCTV

The Scenario

The homeowner is away from home and a passerby takes a liking to a piece of furniture in your garden. The passerby decides that they would like to steal the furniture and they make their way in through the garden gate.

(The CCTV system has a set boundary which protects the garden).

The moment the passerby steps into the protected boundary, the PIR camera instantly flashes its warning light. At the same time a notification is sent to the homeowner. The passerby looks up to the camera when the warning light catches their eye, before quickly leaving empty handed

The homeowner still has their garden furniture as well as excellent HD facial evidence.

A great deterrent with outstanding evidence.

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The Systems also has detection analytics which can detect people and vehicles for quick reference.

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