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The Cost of CCTV

How much would you pay for CCTV? lets have a closer look at what's involved in a CCTV installation

How much Does CCTV Cost?
The Cost of CCTV

CCTV is a broad meaning for a system that can be delivered in many different styles and formats.

We would sat that 50% of our customers ask for a CCTV system without knowing exactly which type of CCTV system they would like.

When we put together a CCTV system for a property, we take the following factors into account,

  • What are the customers concerns

  • Light levels around the property

  • The climate around the property

  • The distances between cameras and viewing area

  • The aesthetic style of the cameras vs the property

  • Recording duration

  • Environmental factors

  • How the customer intends to interact with the system

The factors above give us a great understanding of what CCTV equipment to use, which results in our customer getting a system that is going to be effective and durable.

We find that people we deal with have a varied expectation of how much CCTV will cost, and how much they would like to pay for a system.

So what goes into the cost of CCTV?

The CCTV Equipment can be cheap, mid ranged or high end. Cheap CCTV equipment is typically bought offline sites such as, ebay and Amazon, and is normally aimed at the DIY market.

Mid ranged CCTV is ideal for domestic and commercial sites and this equipment is what a professional CCTV company would purchase from a wholesaler.

High end CCTV equipment would typically be installed in government buildings and large commercial sites, this equipment would come at a premium cost.

We as a company, use mid ranged CCTV equipment for 90% of our installation with 10% of high end equipment making up the the rest of our installations.

We buy equipment we trust, so this is why we don't cheap equipment. using equipment we trust, means that our customer gets a reliable and effective system, and also means that we can reduce our fault repair visits.

Installation needs to be done properly, this is so that the CCTV system is reliable and, looks neat and tidy on a property.

Proper CCTV installation ensures the following,

  • The system is going to be effective

  • The system is going to be reliable

  • The system is going to protected from weather

  • The system looks neat and tidy

Many different equipment parts are used during a CCTV installation, including clips, trunking, conduit, junction boxes, cable tidy accessories and connectors to name a few, this will also reflect on the cost of CCTV.

Warranty is offered from the CCTV installer and this is typically 12 months. We as a company trust our installation work and equipment, and we offer our customers a 3 year warranty which means we will fix and replace any equipment that has failed within that period.

Lets go over some average costs

For a 4 camera DIY CCTV system installed by a non professional, will typically cost around £500.

For a 4 camera standard feature CCTV system installed by a professional. will typically be around £800

For a 4 camera advanced feature CCTV system installed by a professional. will typically be around £1000.

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to a CCTV system, expect to pay more for a better system and the professional work carried out by the installer.

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