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Home Smart Doorbell Intercom

We have got a Smart Doorbell that offers some amazing features and will be an amazing asset for your home, not only for security but also for practicality.

Doorbells have been around for over 200 years but in recent years, they have changed massively in what they offer.

What do you get from a standard Smart Doorbell?

  • Know when someone is at your door.

  • See who is at your door.

  • Record who is at your door.

  • Talk to someone at your door when you are not at home.

These are some on the features a standard Smart Doorbell offers.

How about we offered you a Smart Doorbell with

  • A stylish internal Screen with 7 inch High Definition video screen.

  • A beautifully designed and practical front door station.

What does our Smart Doorbell intercom system offer?

Front Door Station

  • Standard power over Ethernet

  • 2 MP High Definition camera

  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation

  • Low illumination

  • Access control functions

  • Tamper-proof

  • Configuration remotely via Web

Indoor Screen

  • 7-inch colourful touch screen with resolution 1024 × 600

  • Standard Power over Ethernet

  • Stores messages and captured pictures in the Trans Flash card

  • Remote unlocking via the client software or the mobile client

  • Views live videos of door stations and linked cameras

  • Supports wireless network

Lets see what the system Works

Smart Doorbell Intercom System Layout
Smart Doorbell Intercom System Layout

The Smart Doorbell intercom system consists of 2 main parts,

  1. Front door station

  2. Indoor station

The front door station is installed by your front door and has a bell button, a night vision HD camera, a Lock relay, a microphone and a speaker.

The indoor station is a 7 inch touch screen that can be installed anywhere in your home. The touch screen can be used to see who is at your door. The touch indoor touch screen is where you can also access the settings and functions menu.

What Happens when someone rings the bell?

  • The indoor screen will ring and show you a live video feed

How do I answer?

  • You can either press answer on the touch screen and have a conversation with the person at the door or you can press silence.

Can the person at the door see me on the system?

  • No, The video is only 1 way which only allows you to see them.

Can i set the system to not ring if i am busy?

Yes the smart doorbell system has a do not disturb feature which is easy accessible from the touch screen.

What happens if i am not at home?

  • The Smart Doorbell intercom system comes with a great app so you can answer your door from anywhere in the world.

Can I record a person at my door?

  • Yes you can, The system comes with an SD card that stores images and videos.

Will there be wires from the installation?

  • The system is wireless and works off your WiFi so only power needs to be taken to the front door station and indoor station.

Our Video Intercom systems offer products to enable more efficient and convenient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. Choose from our high-performance IP-based products, analogue-based products, or 2-wire products to suit your project needs.

All products can be configured and managed easily using a PC. If you are using the IP or 2-wire video intercom products, our mobile app gives you the power of remote operation. Use it to receive calls, play video, and even unlock the door on it.

Our video intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. This adds protection for video intercom products used in residential areas or commercial premises that require higher security levels

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