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Leading the Way with Lighting Control

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Mid 2020 saw the completion of our lighting control project at bath university.

We were appointed to deliver a lighting control system that would be energy efficient, fully automated and reliable.

The lighting control system were used was a Helvar system that unitises DALI protocol. The system consisted of 6 controllers, each controller offered up to 8 legs of DALI which we used 6 with allowance for future expansion.

In total we ran 36 DALI legs throughout 3 floors of offices and meeting rooms.

The user controls consisted of PIR's, Scene plates and schedules.

We were working together with Russell Fire & Security who were installing the DALI emergency lighting.

Dali emergency lighting offers a fully automated test and fault reports which saves the end user lots of time.

We commissioned and handed over the system at the end of June 2020 which is just in time for the university to start operating again. The students and tutors will soon get to get to see the benefits of the system and the university will soon get to see the cost savings.

Dali lighting Control

GA Technical Ltd.

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