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wall mounted TV installation in Eastbourne

Wall Mounted TV Installation in Eastbourne

We mount any TV to any wall. Professional TV wall mounting services in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We take care of everything including installation of electrical sockets, making good and TV installation with connection to SKY Q, Virgin media and other services.

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TV Installation in Eastbourne

A professionally mounted TV on a wall really stands out and looks great in any room but its not all about how it looks, we also take care of the integration to controls such as Sky Q, Music streamers, TV boxes, Virgin media and Internet. Your wall mounted TV should be effortless to use whilst also looking great.

Some of Our Wall Mounted TV Installatins

Services we Offer

  • TV wall mounting to any wall

  • Installation of surround sound systems

  • HD distribution

  • TV and controls setup and training

  • TV aerial point installation

  • Data points for TV's

  • TV surrounds

  • Sound bar installation

Eastbourne TV company

Our Most Recent TV Installation Work in Eastbourne

Installation and Preparation
Completion of Installation

We have recently completed the installation in the photos above. This job was in Eastbourne and the primary task was to mount a 65 inch TV on a wall with concealed cables and controls. Our customer wanted Sky Q and internet TV.. We first started with some planning which would help us identify, where the best place was to install the controls, and which wires need to be ran. 


After planning, we decided to install the controls into a built in shelving unit that was located in a spare room. From the control location to the TV we ran, 2 Cat6 cables for internet and HDMI, a double Sky cable and an aerial cable. We also ran electric wiring for 2 x double sockets that would be installed behind the TV.

Hidden wires within walls

All wired for this TV installations were hidden within the wall. This was the messy part of the job as we have to chase a hard wall. We then installed the wires with suitable protection. 

Testing and Setup


After testing wires and connections, we set the controls and TV up and made sure everything was working including internet connection to TV, Sky Q connection to TV and general user settings for our customer.

The Controls

The controls consist of an 8 port gigabit network switch which connects to Sky Q, the Sound system, the intercom system and a direct connection to the internet router. Cat6 cable was used to wire all devices back to the control location.

The End Result

The end result was something that was planned from the start, a wall mounted TV that looked tidy and provides our customer with lots of features that are easy to use.

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