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Theft Detection for Shops

Face detection for shops
Face detection for shops

Just about all shops loose profits due to theft. Stopping thefts is very difficult but we have come up with a great solution that is tried and tested.

Shops apply different methods to stop and deter a theft from happening or to gather evidence after a theft, but some methods can be expensive.

So what methods do shops use

CCTV is a great was of identifying someone that is steeling from a shop and is also a great deterrent. CCTV systems are very common in shops and in most cases are required by the insurance company.

CCTV systems vary in price and quality but in general, are a cost effective way of identifying theft.

Manned Guards in shops are expensive but offer a really effective way off deterring and catching shoplifters. Manned guards are a cost effective solution when the cost of the thefts out weigh the cost of the guard.

Warning Signs are the cheapest way of deterring theft as they add a physiological barrier to anyone trying to shoplift.

How does our system stop theft?

Ultimately stopping thefts from happing is the best solution and this is exactly what our system does.

Our aim was to put a system together that is accurate, easy to use, cost effective and easy to deploy.

Our system is face detection CCTV,

How it works

When a theft occurs in a shop, the staff will add that person to the camera database, and every time that person enters the shop in the future, the staff will receive an alert from a few different sources.

Sources for alerts can be from a mobile phone notification an email, a test message or a buzzer on the shop floor buzzer.

The above solution is great because most thefts that happen are from someone returning to a shop on more that one occasion.

Facial analytics

Our system measures over 10.000 points across the face so masks, glosses and facial hair wont stop the system from identifying a person.

Once a theft has happened, the shop staff can search for a person on the system with some great analytical features.

Ok lets say someone has stolen from a shop and has been caught my a member of staff. That member of staff will search for that person on the system with the following methods

  • Age group

  • Facial hair

  • age range

  • Glasses

  • Gender

The staff member can can also search the timeline for that person.

When the staff member finds the person on the system, they can easily add them to the banned list, and from this point the staff will be notified if that person enters the shop again.

Once the staff member receives an alert, they can monitor the thief or can ask them to leave if they are banned from the shop.

The system equipment

The system comprises of a camera which is typically installed at the front of the shop, a recorder that will be installed securely in the staff office and a monitor which will also be installed in the office.

There will also be a sounder for the system that is typically installed on the shop from where staff are within hearing range.

A standard 1 camera system typically takes around 4 hours to install and can be done out of hours or when the shop is quiet.

Up to 32 cameras can be installed but the system can also be really effective with just one camera.

We normally install our theft detection system in shops that already have a CCTV system, this means that the shop staff can catch the thief in the act on their existing system, and can then add the person to the theft detection system.

Our theft detection installations include full staff training.

The shop will be responsible for their own GDPR compliance but this should already be in place if there is an existing CCTV system.

Click HERE to see the government GDPR guideline for CCTV in a workplace

We have been working in shops for over 15 years and offering full system installs including




Sound Systems

Fire Systems


Digital Advertising Screens

Asset Protection Systems

Safes and locks

Speak with us if you would like more information or a site visit



We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we cover South East of England.

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