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Security Cameras in Eastbourne

Over the past 6 months we have seen a rise in crime incidents reported from our customers or new customers looking for a new security system.

Security In Eastbourne
Security in Eastbourne

Our main goal as a CCTV and security systems company is to supply and install a system that is going to be effective and durable.

A security system needs to be installed properly and with adequate planning., there are lots of types of security cameras and devices on the market which are all built for a specific purpose, so choosing the correct product is very important.

CCTV Systems

Most would consider a CCTV system installed on a building to be enough for general observation which would be correct but if a crime were to occur, then the images would need to be good enough to help with identification of a person or vehicle.

90% of CCTV systems installed are just for general view and have been purchased and fitted without any consideration.

A security camera should be fitted with a particular target in mind, This could be a gate where an intruder would have to use to access the rear of a property, The camera should have the correct lens size so a clear facial identification image can be taken.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems primarily offer a deterrent and keep and would be intruder guessing weather the system is linked to the police or not. A well installed system will trigger an alarm as soon as an intruder has entered the building or has forced any of the doors or windows.

Security systems to also consider are,

  • Intercom systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Security Lighting

  • Perimeter Security

Our systems offer self monitoring so as a user, you will be notified to you mobile phone app , by text message or by email as soon as your CCTV or Alarm system picks up an activation.

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