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GA Technical Ltd Installs CCTV in Eastbourne

We have just completed a CCTV installation at Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne.

It took us 4 days to install a professional 4K, 6 camera, IP CCTV system with Cat6 network infrastructure.

The installation was challenging because of the building layout but after some planning and digging around, it all worked out well.

So why have CCTV at a Church?

CCTV camera systems are a great ideas for several reasons,

  1. To capture evidence after an incident

  2. To deter and prevent an incident from happening

  3. To help bring insurance premiums down

  4. For public reassurance

  5. To help aid police in a local incident

Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne is a large building and large buildings are expensive to maintain. Vandalism can cause unwanted costs so having a CCTV system makes sense.

Over the years out customers have told use that having a CCTV system has definitely been a great asset to have.

Speak with us today about CCTV systems, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.




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