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Do you need faster WIFI?

You are paying you internet provider for a package biased on internet speeds, so don't let your internal network short change you.

WIFI enables you to connect to your internet router wirelessly, you will find that you will get the fastest internet speeds the closer you are to the internet router. Your internet speeds will get slower when you move further away from the internet router, this is due to obstacles in the building and also distance.

Other factors can also slow your internet speeds down such as, serval people streaming at the same time, poor network infrastructure, network programming and bad wiring connections.

Any poor network can be made better with a bit of planning.

Better WIFI with GA Technical Ltd
Better WIFI with GA Technical Ltd

Measure your internet speeds direct from your router

You internet speed will be at its fastest direct from the router, connect a PC to the routers LAN port and do an online speed test, this give give you an idea of what speeds to expect around your home.

Choose the correct network devices

You WIFI may not over your full home so you may need to think about adding some network devices to extern the WIFI, see below the different types of devices,

Access Point

An access point connects directly to a wired local area network, typically Ethernet, and the AP then provides wireless connections using wireless local area network technology, typically WIFI, for other devices to use that wired connection. APs support the connection of multiple wireless devices through their one wired connection.

Mesh Network

A wireless mesh network is a communications network made up of radio devices organized in a mesh topology.

A mesh refers to rich interconnection among devices or nodes. Wireless mesh networks often consist of mesh clients, mesh routers and gateways. Mobility of nodes is less frequent. If nodes constantly or frequently move, the mesh spends more time updating routes than delivering data. In a wireless mesh network, topology tends to be more static, so that routes computation can converge and delivery of data to their destinations can occur. Hence, this is a low-mobility centralized form of wireless ad hoc network. Also, because it sometimes relies on static nodes to act as gateways, it is not a truly all-wireless ad hoc network.

Power line adaptors can also be used to extend the network around you home.

Power-line adaptors carry data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power transmission or electric power distribution to consumers.

A wide range of power-line communication technologies are needed for different applications, ranging from home automation to Internet access which is often called broadband over power lines (BPL). Most PLC technologies limit themselves to one type of wires (such as premises wiring within a single building), but some can cross between two levels (for example, both the distribution network and premises wiring). Typically transformers prevent propagating the signal, which requires multiple technologies to form very large networks. Various data rates and frequencies are used in different situations.

We can speed up your WIFI

We use our experience and testing equipment to fully test your home network, this will give us an idea of when needs to be done to get the speeds that are available.

We can optimise your home network so that you get better speeds in all areas of your home, you will be in full control of your system with an easy to use app. The app will give you details of how your network is performing.

Get in touch and lets get started

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we cover a large area across the South East of England.




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