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Delivering Fast 4G internet in Sussex

We have recently completed another site for one of our customers, offering fast internet speeds in a rural location where the existing infrastructure offered very low speeds.

4G internet installation Sussex
4G internet installation Sussex

Our customer asked us for an internet connection that would be fast enough general browsing and online meetings.

Our solution was to install a 4G LTE directional dish with Ubiquity Unifi access points.

We installed the 4G LTE dish onto a 4 metre pole and aligned it a local cell tower, this give us speeds on 80 mbps download and 30 mbps upload.

We also installed a secondary reserve 4G dish that was pointed to a different cell tower.

Internally, we installed Ubiquiti Unifi with gateway firewall network security and 4 x access points with balanced network and printer sharing.

We offer network infrastructure, broadband and WIFI services which a bespoke to each particular property.

Home and business networks can run very fluently if set up correctly.

Speak with us about getting a network survey or a quote on some work.



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