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Custom Sound System Furniture in Sussex

Over the years, we have been asked to install our sound systems into quirky places including furniture, so we decided to start making custom furniture for our systems.

You the customer can give us any design and any idea and we will make it happen. We will even design a system for you.

We design or help to design your system, supply the sound system and then do the installation.

Typically speakers are installed on a wall in the ceiling or in a wall, but sometimes building the speakers into furniture can give a really nice design finish and can also enhance the user sound experience.

Below is a prototype design that is going into a bar in Eastbourne, East Sussex. there will be 8 of these units made and will be going into a shelving unit which spans across the bar. The finished colour will be metallic bronze.

Metalic bronze speaker unit for bar
Metalic bronze speaker unit for bar shelving

Our sound system deigns are specific to the customers requirements and not one is the same. The amplifier, mixer and speaker type are suited to the environment and the types or media that will be played.

Making the sound system furniture

Our sound system furniture starts from the design and is then produced in the workshop. We then professionally paint the furniture to the customers design, Any colour and any texture is possible.

Once the sound system furniture is made, our expert technicians fit out the unit with components and thoroughly test before taking to site for the installation.

Our sound system furniture can be installed anywhere and is ideal for retail, domestic and commercial buildings.

Its truly a matter of style and adding a creative touch but also offers exceptionally good music quality.

We can also fit sound system in existing furniture.

Have a design idea? Speak with us and we will be happy to help.

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we cover the South of England.

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