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4G internet installation in East Sussex

Another 4G site completed, which now offers our client great speeds to commence operations in a geographical area that once offered very low speeds.

The client now has the facility to a fluent managed network that offers lots of flexibility.

4G internet installation, East Sussex
4G internet installation, East Sussex

What We do

We design, install, manage and maintain network communication systems. Our customers give us their requirements and we make it happen, Everything from VOIP telephone systems, Remote site mobile broadband to network infrastructure. We are certainly bespoke and every request is taken seriously.

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we offer of services throughout the UK.

Ok, back to our recent 4G installation

The 4G system comprised of a 4G dish which included a firewall router, The dish was wired back to the network cabinet with car6 duct grade cable.

The main hub in the network rack is a 24 port Unifi gibibit POW switch. with 12 x Unifi access points through the office spaces.

The system is managed through a Unifi cloud key which lets us view and configure the system remotely.

The Equipment

The LHG LTE kit is a device for remote locations that are within cellular network coverage. Mount it outdoors, on a pole, mast or any high enough structure, and connect even where cell phones can’t. Due to it’s large sized high gain antenna, the device is capable to connect to cell towers in extreme rural locations, giving you the ability to provide last mile internet access where nothing else is available.

The unit is equipped with one Ethernet port, has a built in high quality Category 4 modem for speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s downlink and 50 Mbit/s uplink.

RBLHGR&R11e-LTE includes LTE modem that supports International LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 and 40.

We also installed an internal network which comprised of Ubiquiti Unifi network and access point equipment.

Ubiquity Unifi Access points

  • Designed for Optimal RF Performance - The newly redesigned UniFi Controller optimises RF performance:

    • Spectral Analysis - Collects feedback on full 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi channel interference

    • Band Steering: Pushes connected WiFi clients to faster interference-free 5GHz channels.

    • Airtime Fairness: Minimises problem-client effects on system performance by limiting their airtime access

  • Powerful Hardware- Features the latest in WiFi 802.11AC MIMO technology with WiFi speeds up to 1750Mbps (450Mbps + 1300Mbps)

  • Google Maps Integration - Upload your own custom coverage maps or configure your map using the built-in Google Maps API.

  • L3 Manageability - With L3 manageability, the UniFi Controller software can be run on a different subnet than the UniFi APs it manages, allowing 'no-touch' AP provisioning

  • Multi-Site Management - A single UniFi Controller can manage multiple, distributed deployments and multi-tenancy for managed service providers. You can configure settings and administrator accounts specific to each deployment.

  • One UniFied Network - Option to create one large wireless network across multiple APs that lets users move around the network wirelessly.

  • Events and Alerts - UniFi makes it easy to view and set up email delivery of alerts and recent event notifications on your network(s).

  • Access Points (APs) - Easily install, configure, and manage all access points from one location.

  • Guest Portal/Hotspot Support - Easy customisation and advanced options for Guest Portals include authentication, Hotspot setup options, and the ability to run as an external portal server. Take advantage of UniFi's rate limiting for your Guest Portal and Hotspot package offerings. Apply different bandwidth rates (download/upload), limit total data usage, and limit duration of use.

  • All UniFi AC APs include Hotspot functionality:

    • Built-in support for billing integration using major credit cards via PayPal.

  • Built-in support for voucher-based authentication.

  • Built-in Hotspot Manager for voucher creation, guest management, and payment refund.

  • Full customisation of Hotspot portal pages.

Ubiquiti Unifi Gibibit Switch

As part of the Ubiquiti UniFi line of products, a Ubiquiti UniFi Switch enables you to build and expand your businesses network with unrivalled performance. This Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi Switch is a fully managed twenty four port PoE+ Gigabit switch that delivers robust performance, intelligent switching for growing networks and a PoE budget of 250W. The Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi Switch also offers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss.

Key Features

  • Twenty-four (24) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports

  • Two (2) Small form factor SFP ports for Gigabit uplinks

  • One (1) Serial console port

  • Non-blocking throughput: 26 Gbps

  • Switching capacity: 52 Gbps

  • Forwarding rate: 38.69 Mbps

  • Maximum power consumption: 250W

  • Supports POE+ IEEE 802.3at/af and 24V Passive PoE

  • Rack mountable for server shelf/cabinet use

PoE+ Flexibility

This Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi Switch features twenty four PoE Gigabit Ethernet ports of auto-sensing IEEE 802.3af/at or configurable 24V passive PoE to simplify your infrastructure. By default, this UniFi Switch automatically detects 802.3af/at devices so they automatically receive PoE. For 24V passive PoE devices, manually enable 24V passive PoE using the UniFi Controller software.

Fibre Connectivity

This Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi Switch provides fibre connectivity options for easy expansion of your networks. Each UniFi Switch model includes two SFP ports for uplinks of up to 1 Gbps.

UniFi Controller

Designed for convenient management, the UniFi Controller software allows admins to configure and monitor the Ubiquiti US-24-250W UniFi Switch and other UniFi devices using a graphical user interface. You can download it from www.ubnt.com at no extra charge – there is no separate software, licensing, or support fee. For advanced users, CLI management is available through Telnet, SSH, and the console port.

Multi-Site Management

A single instance of the UniFi Controller running in the cloud can manage multiple UniFi sites within a centralised interface. Each site is logically separated and has its own network monitoring, configuration, maps, statistics, and admin accounts.

Switch Configuration

You can access any managed UniFi Switch through the UniFi Controller to configure a variety of features:

  • PoE setting per port

  • Operation mode (switching, mirroring, or aggregate) per port

  • Network/VLAN configuration

  • Jumbo frame and flow control services

  • Network settings

External Access points

The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M UniFi Mesh is an AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi 5 PoE Access Point that offers powerful plug and play, self healing mesh technology for large WiFi deployments looking to maximise WiFi coverage and reliability. This Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M UniFi Mesh is designed to withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor deployments and comes bundled with a non-dedicated software controller that can be deployed on an on-site PC, Mac, or Linux machine; in a private cloud; or using a public cloud service.

Key Features

  • High-performance wide-area WiFi with UniFi Mesh technology.

  • 802.11ac breakthrough WiFi speeds up to 900Mbps 5GHz Band.

  • Powered through 802.3af or 24V Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE).

  • Easy to provide coverage in hard to wire areas with multi-hop.

  • Works with the UniFi controller for easy on-going management.

  • Unifi allows wireless connectivity between APs for extended range.

  • Guest portal/hotspot support with multiple adjustment interface.

  • Scalable. Start with one and expand to thousands of UniFi devices.

  • Outdoor rated enclosure for even the harshest environments.

Scalable enterprise WiFi management

UniFi is the revolutionary WiFi system that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller. The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M UniFi Mesh has a refined industrial design and can be easily installed using the included mounting hardware. Easily accessible through any standard web browser, the UniFi Controller software is a powerful software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance.

Use the UniFi Controller software to quickly configure and administer an enterprise WiFi network – no special training required. RF map and performance features, real-time status, automatic UAP device detection, and advanced security options are all seamlessly integrated.

UniFi controller platform.

Use the UniFi Controller to provision thousands of UniFi APs, map out networks, quickly manage system traffic, and provision additional UniFi APs. Use the included map to monitor and analyse radio frequencies for optimal AP placement, configuration, and troubleshooting, while an advanced RF performance and configuration feature includes spectral analysis, airtime fairness, and band steering.

Wireless Uplink functionality enables wireless connectivity between APs for extended range. One wired UniFi AP uplink supports up to four wireless downlinks on a single operating band, allowing wireless adoption of devices in their default state and real-time changes to network topology. For devices that support Plug & Play Mesh, this functionality is extended to allow multi-hop wireless uplink – so wirelessly uplinked APs can support uplink to other wirelessly uplinked APs.

Guest Portal/Hotspot support

Easy customisation options for Guest Portals include authentication, Hotspot setup, and the ability to use your own external portal server. Use UniFi's rate limiting for your Guest Portal/Hotspot package offerings. Apply different bandwidth rates (download/upload), limit total data usage, and limit duration of use.

All UniFi APs include Hotspot functionality:

  • Built-in support for billing integration using major credit cards.

  • Built-in support for voucher-based authentication.

  • Built-in Hotspot Manager for voucher creation, guest management, and payment refund.

  • Full customisation and branding of Hotspot portal pages.

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