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4G internet in Westfield, East Sussex.

Westfield, East Sussex is a rural area with hilly terrain and dense with forestry, this makes for a beautiful area but also an area where internet speeds can be pretty slow. Some rural buildings and homes do have a dedicated phoneline internet connection which either gives average, or slow speeds.

There are also some buildings and homes that do not have a dedicated phoneline and this can be an issue for accessing the internet. Mobile phone providers offer 4G packages as standard which means customers can browse the internet but in Westfield, 4G speeds are slow so this can be a frustrating procedure.

4G Internet, Westfield, East Sussex
4G Internet, Westfield, East Sussex
How can we improve internet speeds?

We offer faster internet speeds by using 4G equipment. This means that we use equipment that is best suited to the particular area, that will pick up internet from 4G mobile towers that are some distance away.

We use software to analyse the area so we know exactly where the closest mobile provider tower is. The speeds vary depending on the area but on average, in a low coverage area, we can offer 40 mbps download and 30 mbps upload.

Our service includes, supplying, installing and setting up the equipment.

Our typical 4G internet package includes,

  • A 4G lte directional dish

  • A mast or pole

  • A Broadband WIFI router

All you have to do is provide the sim card which typically costs around £25 per month for an unlimited data plan.

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