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Garden Office WIFI & Internet

We Extend your internet from your home to your garden office. Our service includes, equipment, installation and Programming.

WIFI services in east Sussex

What We Do

We extend internet and WIFI from one building to another. Typically our customer will request to have internet extended to their garden office and they will tell us what they require. Some customers will require just WIFI and other customers will want ethernet ports for printers and other network devices.

You may have visitors staying in the grounds of your home but in a separate building, we can even create an extended private network for those guests.

We can extend internet and WIFI to pretty much anywhere including,

Garden Offices

Garden Gyms

Garden Outbuildings

Outdoor Spaces

Caravan Parks

Outdoor Events

We Install Internet Devices to Garden Offices and Outbuildings

We supply and install network equipment for internet expansion from one building to another.

methods we use to extend internet from building to building

  • Point to Point devices (P2P)

  • Powerline Adaptors

  • Hard Wiring

  • Mesh WIFI

After a site survey, we can then put together the the best system type to get fast internet from one building to another whether this is full fibre or copper line broadband.

Garden Office WIFI

What Slows your Internet Speeds

Test your Broadband Speed

Follow the steps below to test your Broadband speeds.  You will need to know what speeds you are paying for from your internet provider. Lets work on the assumption you are paying for 100bmps download and 20mbps upload. You should be achieving close to these speeds when on WIFI close to your router or when connected to your router with an Ethernet cable.

For the fastest achievable speed test, connect your PC or laptop to your router with an ethernet cable.

You can also do this test from your mobile phone when connected to the routers WIFI (make sure your are close to the router for accurate results).


You should be getting close to 100mbps download and 20mbps upload based on the example above. It will be best to run the test at various times throughout the day to get an accurate average. Peak usage times can also reduce your incoming broadband speeds so bare that in mind.

We have had instances where our customers have been getting broadband speeds which are a lot sower that what they are paying for., this has resulted in the customer being upgrade to a faster connection with a lower monthly cost.

Speak with your service provider if you suspect your speeds are slower than what you are paying for.

Mesh WIFI Systems Instllation

Mesh WIFI East Sussex

Mesh WIFI systems are a great way of distributing WIF around a building. We supply, install and configure mesh WIFI systems, we make make sure your building has fast flowing WIFI with no weak spots.

We are based in Eastbourne and we cover the whole of East Sussex. We do work further afield upon request

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