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Digital Display Screens in East Sussex

We Supply and Install Digital Display Screens for Advertising

Digital Display Screens

Highlight your Qualities of your Business with a Digital Display Screen

Customers shop with their eyes so you really want to make your best products and services stand out. Digital display screens draw attention to you premises by over 400% more than a traditional poster. 

Great products and services really do bring customers in, but they first need to know about them. A digital display screen can pull in passing trade to your premises and if the customers like your products and services, they will let everyone know about it,

A Digital Display Screen Example

The fast food takeaway

A takeaway restaurant selling pizzas, kebabs and burgers, is finding it hard to attract local customers in an area that is saturated by other restaurants.

The takeaway restaurant has a pretty standard menu but makes an amazing burger. The owner wants everyone to know about their burger, so they have a digital display screen installed.

The owner takes photos of the burger and has it uploaded onto the digital display screen. They add an inviting description and the price to the screen and choose to have it displayed on a schedule.

The schedule is targeted at the evening rush hour, as there is lots traffic and drivers will be able to clearly see the screen when driving past the restaurant.

This is a great idea for displaying your great products that will get passing trade into your restaurant. Once a customer likes a product, they will come back and even buy other products.

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restaurant digital display screen Installation
Digital Display Advertising

Cloud Based Display Screens for Quick Updates

Our digital display screens come with cloud based software for easy display updates.

We even offer a design and update service, so your best products and services will always be up to to date.

You can either be in full control of your digital display or you can pick up the phone or send us a message and your screen will be updated quickly.

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