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CCTV Installation East Sussex

CCTV installation in East Sussex
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NO contracts, No Subscriptions, Just Great CCTV

Get a CCTV Installation in East Sussex

We are proud to offer CCTV installation services to all areas in East Sussex. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle all of your security needs, no matter where you are located. We use only the highest quality equipment and the latest technology to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services.

Lets Answer Some of the Most Asked CCTV Questions

Q Is the CCTV system wired or wireless?

A We use wired CCTV systems because they are more reliable, offer more features and provide better quality images.

Q How is the wiring done?

A When we wire a CCTV system, we take the athletics of a building into account, All the CCTV wires are hidden with 99% of our installations. Sometimes its difficult to hide all wires, so in this instance, we provide cable protection and we make it very neat.


Q How long does the CCTV installation take?

A A 4 camera CCTV installation normally takes 1 day but this could take a bit longer if the wiring is difficult.

Q How long does the CCTV record for?

A Typically a CCTV system will record for 15 to 30 days but can be extended with a bigger hard drive.

Q What parts are included with a CCTV system?

A Standard parts included in a CCTV system are a CCTV recorder which is typically the size of a DVD player, The CCTV cameras, a power supply for the cameras and CCTV cable.

Q do i need internet for my CCTV?

A You do not need internet if you wanted to use your CCTV with a monitor screen but you would need internet if you wanted to view your CCTV on your mobile phone.

Q Does it cost anything to use the CCTV app?

A No, it is completely free to use the CCTV app, there are NO subscriptions at all.

Q How many people can have the CCTV on their phone?

A As many as you like, you can share your CCTV system  to an unlimited number of devices.

CCYV camera installation in Pevensey Bay

What Type of CCTV Camera is Best for your Property?

What type of CCTV camera is best for your property? We like to give our customers a good choice of camera types for their property. this is mainly for athletic reasons but the camera type can also act as a great deterrent.

Most of out customers in East Sussex like their CCTV cameras to be seen, but some customers like their cameras to be a bit smaller and blend into their property.

We do White, Black and Grey CCTV cameras, We can even custom paint CCTV cameras if that was requited. 

The main thing is, whatever shape or colour your CCTV camera is, We make sure the camera functionality is going to perform.

CCTV Systems in East Sussex

Get notified

Monitor your Home or business on your mobile phone and never miss when someone steps into your boundary. Our CCTV systems come with motion detection which means you will be notified quickly if there is a trespasser. 

View live and playback

Anytime and anywhere, you can view your CCTV live from your mobile phone and you can view playback within seconds.

Send the evidence

You can capture and send playback videos from your phone to someone within seconds. This is great if you want to share an incident with someone or the police.

CCTV in Pevensey Bay

Why our Customers Choose to have CCTV Installed in East Sussex

Crime in East Sussex is on the low side compared to national statistics but there are more reasons to have  a CCTV system installed. Most people across the UK have had a CCTV installed after an incident has occurred.  70% of our customers in East Sussex have chosen to have  CCTV installed to keep an eye on their home whilst they are away. 20% have chosen to have CCTV installed, for a visible deterrent, 5% have had a CCTV installation because of a neighbour dispute, and the last 5% have had CCTV installed so that they can watch and record wildlife in their gardens.

Areas we Cover in East Sussex

Call us or Message us and we will put a great CCTV system together for you

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