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Tunbridge Wells


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Burglar alarms Tunbridge Wells

We have some excellent burglar alarm packages both wired and wireless.

Our burglar alarms are secure and come with a 2 year warranty.

CCTV systems Tunbridge Wells

We only install professional CCTV systems so you can be assured you will get a system that is fit for purpose.

Our CCTV systems come with a 3 year warranty.

Security Cameras Tunbridge Weels

CCTV on Your Phone

CCTV systems have developed in such as way that you no longer need to visit your CCTV recorder to view your CCTV footage.

A simple to use CCTV systems is great for customers.

Our CCTV systems come with mobile phone viewing, This means that your CCTV recorder can be hidden away and everything can be done from your smartphone.

What can you do from your smartphone?

  • View live CCTV images

  • View CCTV recording

  • Receive and view alerts

  • Send recording via email/message

  • Add/remove users

What is great is that our CCTV comes with free app viewing so you never have to pay any subscriptions.

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