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Littlehampton CCTV and burglar alarms

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CCTV Installer Littlehampton

CCTV system

We make sure our customers get an excellent CCTV system and an excellent service, after all, its our reputation that is on the line.

We use tested and tried CCTV equipment so after your CCTV installation, it will be plain sailing.

Littlehampton, West Sussex CCTV Company

Burglar alarm installation Littlehampton

We have a fantastic range of burglar alarms that you can control from your phone.

Never forget to set your alarm again.

Receive alarms and alerts direct to your phone.

Hassle free burglar alarm installation.

Burglar alarm uckfield, uckfield burglar
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CCTV installation Littlehampton

We love installing good quality CCTV for our customers.

Our standard CCTV system come with

  • 30 days recording

  • 20-40 metres night vision

  • 5 megapixel image quality

  • 3 year warranty

CCTV systems that will get the evidence

We don't just fit CCTV cameras for the sake of fitting CCTV cameras.

We take everything into consideration so that you will get a CCTV system that is fit for purpose.

There are lots of CCTV cameras to choose from, so all we need to know is why you need CCTV and we will do the rest.

CCTV Installers Littlehampton
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